Which fabric is the best for salwar kameez?

Which fabric is the best for salwar kameez?

Indian culture has furnished lineage to amazing place ethnic attires for the gentlewomen of this country and salwar kameez is one of the common conspicuous amongst them. This particular type of apparel, Salwar Kameez, is profoundly loved by the most utmost of the women being in the complete Indian subcontinent. Truly, they feel relaxed in bearing this triple-piece dress, which made of a bottom part called a salwar, uppermost part termed as kameez and a dupatta for covering over the kameez.

So the Indian gentlewomen heap their clothes with an excess of salwar kameez collections, which they purchase in readymade styles. They may also order proper dress material for dressing the apparel stitched precisely according to their measurements. Many variations of fabrics are used for stitching salwar kameez suites in India, among which a few have won far-reaching demand.

  • Silk — The only fabric generally used for making the most expensive salwar kameez suits is silk, due to its extremely soft and shiny texture. So the wearers feel very comfortable, as well as look very gorgeous while donning the silk salwar kameez sets on any special occasion. Different varieties of silks are available all over India, which are mostly named according to their places of origin, among which Benarasi silk, Mysore silk and Tussar silk are most famous.
  • Cotton — Since India has a warm tropical climate almost throughout the year, cotton is universally accepted as the most comfortable fabric. Thus, cotton cloths are mostly favoured as the ideal dress material for making salwar kameez that can be used as daily wear. Cotton fabric is soft and most comfortable for wearing in the hot and humid climate of India, as air can pass easily through the visible pores present in between the fibres of this cloth. But the cotton dresses are no less attractive than other fabrics, as all shades of colours can be dyed and printed over the cotton clothing. Often cotton fibre is blended with silk, jute and synthetic materials; though pure cotton is the most preferred material for stitching dresses.
  • Synthetic fabrics — Among the synthetically manufactured fabrics, georgette, chiffon and crepe are the most popular ones for making salwar kameez sets. Georgette makes very soft and comfortable dresses, while the strength of this fabric can support the load of extensive embroideries of heavy threads. The free-flowing nature of georgette helps in creating the most fashionable designs. Chiffon is another important fabric that is widely used for making the Anarkali styled salwar suits, due to its grace and grandeur. Crepe is favoured due to its wrinkled texture and lightness, which make the salwar kameez sets prettier in appearance.
  • Other popular fabrics — Jute is now used for making elegant salwar suits, while Khadi is another favourite fabric that is used as easily affordable dress materials. Satin and brocade are two other fabrics used for making gorgeous ethnic Indian attires of vibrant colours. Net and tissues are very light fabrics that are conveniently used for stitching stylish salwar kameez suits.

Sometimes, a few special types of fabrics may go out of fashion like any other style statement. For example, rayon and velvet were used to be the most preferred fabrics for the dress materials of Indian women. But now modern girls like to wear salwar kameez made of silk, cotton, chiffon and georgette. However, the colours and the designs of salwar kameez suits should be chosen as per the exact skin colour of the wearer. But now the Indian women have a vast array of choices in the types of fabrics, styles and patterns used for this ethnic Indian dress.

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